Some comedy at Asda. 

I like Asda. I like it for it’s honesty, the honest, unpretentious people who shop there and the honest lunches it serves in it’s cafes. So, having test driven my next middle class purchase, an electric car, I cycled my middle class fold-up-bike to the new Asda north of Leicester city centre, stopped and folded it up.

It’s an elegant folding-up process which can attract attention from people who have not seen it before, and a stout lady sat down by the wall inside the Asda lobby was nodding to her stout standing-up friend. These were clearly the honest Asda shoppers you can expect to see in Asda, but you don’t see in Waitrose. Be honest, this is how Britain is. 

You can roll the bike when half folded up

I skipped by, in a jolly, well cycled mood, grinned at the sitting-down one and called out ” yeah, you should get one”. I like to chat, I like to engage and I like to encourage people to cycle. 

The standing up friend swivelled her eyes away from me, and up towards the ceiling while the sitting-down one pressed the forward button on her disability scooter and shot off.

The steak pie was nice.